My Next Adventure!

Hello my lovelies!

Bet you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been since Victor’s release? Well, your amazing author friend has been writing. I’m currently 34K words into the next book in the Promiscus Guardians Series, and I’m really excited to finally start talking about it.

First, the cover:

It’s done! But you won’t get to see it until I get to 50K words! That’s the deal: I write, you wait.


Second, the writing:

It’s been flowing out of me, but like with everything else, it gets knocked to the side when those shrill screams of children fighting echoes loudly through my living room. It’s a moment I dread every time I start to write.

My other obstacle is just writing. I have a tendency to want to reread everything I just wrote, which is fine…until I’m rereading the entire 100 plus pages that I wrote and forgetting that I still have to write the rest of the damn book before I get edit-heavy on it.

So then I try to write again, and everything else in my life goes crazy, because apparently I’m the only person that can do things and keep the house livable…and I end up a little bit crazy by the end of the day as a result.


Finally, the end?

It’s still getting there, but with my ability to write fast, I doubt it will be terribly long before you see the cover reveal. I’ll be hosting a few giveaways around that time, so stay tuned. If I haven’t lost my mind entirely, I might even give away some really, really cool stuff. Someone mentioned Bernie shirts; the ones featured in the book. I may get something interesting together like that.

I will leave you here with an excerpt from the story, because I’m awesome like that. Check out my other books here, and make sure to follow me on my author page!

“Victor is, and always has been, a man that drives a person to their best possible self. While he may seem unrelenting, sometimes unforgiving when it comes to training, he is the best possible tutor. And though we have had our disagreements, Victor remained faithfully there for me over the years,” Lucas finally said, face becoming softer. It was gorgeous: the small tilt in his lips as he said this.

“I have no idea how anyone could ever disagree with you,” I retorted, monotone. “Did he ever lose his angel temper with you? More importantly, was he a spanker?”

Lucas had the decency to look disgusted, and Pavel almost lost his footing when he very nearly collapsed into laughter.

“Are you a child?” Lucas sneered.

“No,” I replied, snickering. “I just wondered what method of parenting he used on you. Just answer the question, Lucas. It was you who brought it all up.”

Lucas sighed shortly. “Victor’s method of punishment was far worse, in my opinion, to any method used currently.”

I was tremendously titillated now. Both Pavel and I joined arms and stared at him with happy, non-blinking expressions. If we had tails, they would have frozen, then wagged, then froze again. Lucas looked completely put out, but by the laxness of his jaw, I knew he’d give me what I wanted.

“If I misbehaved, I was forced to attend gatherings with numerous amounts of women, most of which never ceased pestering me,” he finally replied begrudgingly.

I bit my lower lip, eyes and nose burning as I attempted to keep from laughing. It was too much. Both Blondie and I held each other for long minutes as we laughed, garnering the other three’s attention with our hysterics.

“Women were your punishment? He’s definitely a clever bastard. Victor just earned my seal of approval with that move,” I said, admiration distinctly in my expression.

“Trust me, moya solnishka, never ever piss off the boss,” he said, referring to Victor. His eyes narrowed violently, yet his smile was unfortunately just as alluring. “His punishments are especially designed to break anyone that may feel the need to go against him.”

Lucas scoffed lightly. “Pavel is thoroughly experienced with Victor’s discipline measures,” he stated, smile outdoing the wickedness of Pavel’s and making the pair of us shudder. “His punishment of last required him to investigate a rather flashy establishment—”

Pavel shook his head, clamping his hands over my ears. I giggled as the three others watched us, no longer walking to favor listening on the very interesting conversation between me and the boys. There was a cocky smile on Sadin’s face, but I ignored it as I was held hostage against my dirty Russian’s firm body.

Lucas pulled me from Pavel, pressing his lips to my ear and whispering, “He was asked to go undercover at a homosexual club called Banging Bottoms.

“You said it!” Blondie growled, deflating instantly with his shoulders dropping and eyes falling to the floor.

I laughed heartily. “I bet you fit right in.”

Blondie groaned, glaring over me towards Lucas. “You’re a right bastard.”

“I merely offered Izzy invaluable anecdotes to express your own claims of Victor,” Lucas returned, holding me against him.

“What did you wear?” I asked Blondie, breaking between the boys with my raspy voice, barely able to keep my amusement inside.


Pre-order Awesomeness!

Hello romanciteers, and salutations! Today, I come with exciting news! Victor will be featured in a few blogs BEFORE it comes to you guys Feb. 13th, but before that, you will have the explicit joy of pre-ordering it here.

It has been an incredible few months. Three months ago, I would have never believed that Awakening and Metamorphosis of the Promiscus Guardians Series would be making their debut with so much sha-bang, but now Victor comes as the first in its series, Guardians In Love.

Never would I have imagined that it would take flight like it has, but I can’t be happier. And it’s all thanks to you! So a big, fat, fluffy thank you to all those who’ve supported me through this process. I would be nothing without you.

So, get yours today–Victor. Yours Feb. 13th.


Exclusive on Guardians in Love!

Fellow romanciteers! I greet and salute you from a wide drool patch on my desk. Today, I hit fifty-thousand words in my new story, the companion series called Guardians in Love coming this year, sometime in late spring or early summer.

Here’s the low-down: I’ve been working my little patootie off since just before Metamorphosis was released on Jan. 9th. As a result, I’m a good bit into the newest story and can start to share some great new things coming your way.

Guardians in Love is a companion series that starts just at the beginning of the second book in the Promiscus Guardians series. It runs alongside it, and while it could be read as a stand-alone, it is best read after you’ve read the second book, Metamorphosis, as a way to add to the original story line.

While I am not ready to release who is featured (stay tuned for the cover reveal when I get about three-fourths finished with the first draft), I will say that this little hot number will appeal to many of the current fans of my main series.

Here are a few excerpts of who you’re going to see:

“Bernard,” the man said, offering me his hand again. “And that there is Carl, my brother, and the two sitting over there are Adan and Natalie.” I nodded towards them, smiling at Adan.

The heavily muscled Spaniard, which had worn combat-ready attire, came forward and greeted me with small kiss to my hand. Bernard pouted childishly as soon as Adan finished his greeting.

“Why does Adan get to kiss her and I don’t?!” he complained, puckering out his lower lip in a cute act that might have another woman fooled, but sadly for this cowboy, I wasn’t so easily deceived.

“His intentions are purely out of greeting.”

Fan favorite, Bernard Johnson, known to main character Izzy as Bernie, will be featured.

eat a dick

Another fan favorite, Pavel Volkov, also known as Blondie, meets our main heroine as well:

“Pavel Volkov? As in the same Pavel who is on Lucas Easton’s team?!” I nearly yelled. I caught myself, slapping a hand over my mouth in my embarrassment.

The tall, I’m guessing around six-foot-two, blonde crossed his arms with a sensual lift in his lips. “Yes? Have we met?”

“No…but we wanted to—I mean, me—me wanted to. Uh, sorry, I mean…I’ve been wanting to meet you,” I babbled as my face grew hotter and hotter with the exchange.

“Is that right?” he asked rhetorically, sexy grin intensifying with every word out of my mouth.


I’m really excited to be shedding a little light on the new book, and you MUST stay tuned for the cover release…I intend to bring lots of chocolate to lure the hungry readers out.

Until next time!

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Metamorphosis Release!


Okay everyone! I’ve been busy promoting book two of the Promiscus Guardians Series everywhere else BUT here! So here it goes…

After two months of sleepless nights and long hours of writing and editing, Metamorphosis is finally coming! January 9th is the official ebook release; however, you can get a printed copy already on Amazon. The book is available for pre-order!

Recently, Awakening received a blog review that was absolutely riveting! If you want to check that out, click here! This is my debut series, so it has a very special place in my heart. I hope to hear more feedback as the second one is released.

Now go get your copy, you crazy kids!



Living the dream…..kind of

So, I’ve managed to publish my first novel. The printed book due to be available sometime next week. Now what? I’m already well into the second book. I’ve edited the shiznit out of the first. I’m this close to world domination. So why do I have this frown on my face?

A little thing called PR. Or for those of you that like to use the big words, marketing. I’ve spent day in and day out marketing the hell out of this book, and while I’ve managed to garner some interest, I realized belatedly that the dream is a long way off.

Still, I’m optimistic–and relatively patient.

The dream is one you have to work for. I gathered that much when I saw all the “bestselling authors” marketing their books on Twitter. And I’ve managed to write the novel, which is half the battle, so I know that at least, I’ve got one foot forward–or two, depending on what day it is.

So, as a way of enlightening those of my fans that actually give two shiz about this author, I’ve created this blog/author page/marketing tool/way to secretly hone my narcissism. And while I take this journey into the world of writers, you’ll gain insight to this crazy romance author’s mind. Lucky you. I don’t take any responsibility to what may result of overexposure to my crazy, but I can promise that I often offer cake…brownies…cookies…and any other kind of absurdly sweet concoction to buy your love.

So, welcome to my blog.

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