My Next Adventure!

Hello my lovelies!

Bet you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been since Victor’s release? Well, your amazing author friend has been writing. I’m currently 34K words into the next book in the Promiscus Guardians Series, and I’m really excited to finally start talking about it.

First, the cover:

It’s done! But you won’t get to see it until I get to 50K words! That’s the deal: I write, you wait.


Second, the writing:

It’s been flowing out of me, but like with everything else, it gets knocked to the side when those shrill screams of children fighting echoes loudly through my living room. It’s a moment I dread every time I start to write.

My other obstacle is just writing. I have a tendency to want to reread everything I just wrote, which is fine…until I’m rereading the entire 100 plus pages that I wrote and forgetting that I still have to write the rest of the damn book before I get edit-heavy on it.

So then I try to write again, and everything else in my life goes crazy, because apparently I’m the only person that can do things and keep the house livable…and I end up a little bit crazy by the end of the day as a result.


Finally, the end?

It’s still getting there, but with my ability to write fast, I doubt it will be terribly long before you see the cover reveal. I’ll be hosting a few giveaways around that time, so stay tuned. If I haven’t lost my mind entirely, I might even give away some really, really cool stuff. Someone mentioned Bernie shirts; the ones featured in the book. I may get something interesting together like that.

I will leave you here with an excerpt from the story, because I’m awesome like that. Check out my other books here, and make sure to follow me on my author page!

“Victor is, and always has been, a man that drives a person to their best possible self. While he may seem unrelenting, sometimes unforgiving when it comes to training, he is the best possible tutor. And though we have had our disagreements, Victor remained faithfully there for me over the years,” Lucas finally said, face becoming softer. It was gorgeous: the small tilt in his lips as he said this.

“I have no idea how anyone could ever disagree with you,” I retorted, monotone. “Did he ever lose his angel temper with you? More importantly, was he a spanker?”

Lucas had the decency to look disgusted, and Pavel almost lost his footing when he very nearly collapsed into laughter.

“Are you a child?” Lucas sneered.

“No,” I replied, snickering. “I just wondered what method of parenting he used on you. Just answer the question, Lucas. It was you who brought it all up.”

Lucas sighed shortly. “Victor’s method of punishment was far worse, in my opinion, to any method used currently.”

I was tremendously titillated now. Both Pavel and I joined arms and stared at him with happy, non-blinking expressions. If we had tails, they would have frozen, then wagged, then froze again. Lucas looked completely put out, but by the laxness of his jaw, I knew he’d give me what I wanted.

“If I misbehaved, I was forced to attend gatherings with numerous amounts of women, most of which never ceased pestering me,” he finally replied begrudgingly.

I bit my lower lip, eyes and nose burning as I attempted to keep from laughing. It was too much. Both Blondie and I held each other for long minutes as we laughed, garnering the other three’s attention with our hysterics.

“Women were your punishment? He’s definitely a clever bastard. Victor just earned my seal of approval with that move,” I said, admiration distinctly in my expression.

“Trust me, moya solnishka, never ever piss off the boss,” he said, referring to Victor. His eyes narrowed violently, yet his smile was unfortunately just as alluring. “His punishments are especially designed to break anyone that may feel the need to go against him.”

Lucas scoffed lightly. “Pavel is thoroughly experienced with Victor’s discipline measures,” he stated, smile outdoing the wickedness of Pavel’s and making the pair of us shudder. “His punishment of last required him to investigate a rather flashy establishment—”

Pavel shook his head, clamping his hands over my ears. I giggled as the three others watched us, no longer walking to favor listening on the very interesting conversation between me and the boys. There was a cocky smile on Sadin’s face, but I ignored it as I was held hostage against my dirty Russian’s firm body.

Lucas pulled me from Pavel, pressing his lips to my ear and whispering, “He was asked to go undercover at a homosexual club called Banging Bottoms.

“You said it!” Blondie growled, deflating instantly with his shoulders dropping and eyes falling to the floor.

I laughed heartily. “I bet you fit right in.”

Blondie groaned, glaring over me towards Lucas. “You’re a right bastard.”

“I merely offered Izzy invaluable anecdotes to express your own claims of Victor,” Lucas returned, holding me against him.

“What did you wear?” I asked Blondie, breaking between the boys with my raspy voice, barely able to keep my amusement inside.


Three Children and a Release

It’s been a while since I published a personal post. With the ongoing hoopla of publishing both my second and third book this last month, I’ve been busy. However, I come bearing interesting…also mildly hilarious anecdotes of incredible–not–events that took place while writing/editing/formatting/publishing/feeding my coffee addiction with three children to contend with the entire process.

It’s no small mystery that children make things phenomenally more difficult; sometimes even prolonging processes that would take someone hours to instead take days to finish in light of demon children stalking the corners, blocking hallways, entering very interesting sentences that may or may not have made it into my final manuscript, and destroying the home you had rushed to clean so you could focus all your sole efforts on writing.

My eldest, a daughter I refer to as Diva, was the forefront enemy the last month. Her indisputable power over the two younger ones, Mr. Sensitive and Mr. Testosterone, is one of the many, many, many reasons my publishing process was not all sunshine, unicorns, and billowing glitter.

Yesterday, a day that will live on in my memory, was one such case where three against one is never a fair fight. It was the day before release, a day that would have any normal author jumping enthusiastically in their overused armchair/swivel chair/old school couch. I had managed another few edits–a manuscript is never perfect–and I was taking a small break from the process.

Diva had, in the time I had been away mentally, stolen an entire bag’s worth of candies and hidden them in her room. Therefore, yes, my children were very much drunk on candy. And the rest of the day served as a mad battle with candy-drugged two-four-six-year-olds, a potty that saw a little too much toddler action, and a floor that was mildly glistening with liquids that could be possibly categorized as a ‘bio-hazard.’

Today, I have my husband home for Victor’s release, and I couldn’t be more thankful. They are now his problem. I love my husband; I love my sanity more. So happy release day to me! Make sure to check out Victor and grab your copy of Awakening while it’s still free!


Until next time! Write on.

Can I Cry Now?

This last week has been filled with its fair share of ups and downs. I would like firstly to say that Victor is coming along nicely and is nearly finished with editing. I got some great feedback from my ARC reviewers, and I’m excited to release it Feb. 13th.

Now, onto the bad.

This week, I started back at school, which was probably the most exciting/terrifying experience in recent days. My being older than half the class wasn’t helping either. Do these loafers make my ass look old? And when I finished all my homework well before it was due, I felt like a proper student.

As you all know, I recently published the second book in my series Promiscus Guardians, and while it wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t as heavily edited as Awakening. I have received phenomenal feedback for the first and conflicting for the second.

giphy (1)

So, I’m sure you can imagine that I wanted to have a much needed chocolate frosting session and have a good cry this weekend, but I had three sick kids to contend with and my younger brother’s birthday party, plus, I was trying my damnedest to finish editing.

Suffice to say, I plan to have a good cry tonight and eat chocolate tomorrow. I was comforted by fellow authors and friends, and I think I’m ready to write again. I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time until I get another series of bad reviews…and I will be five-pounds heavier the next day, but I feel like I now have steeled myself somewhat for that probably nearer than I want to admit future.

To all those authors that have suffered bad or mediocre reviews (which should probably be all of you by now), we will stand against this injustice, and we WILL survive it!


Seven Deadly Sins

I have been tagged in this Friday fun post by KJ. Chapman over on her blog. Thanks for the tag KJ! I’m happy to add my little spin and flavor of humor on this!

The following questions are based on the seven deadly sins, and are relevant to reading and writing.

Pride. Share a line or small scene that you’re really proud to have written. 

“However, forgive me, Lilly, I fear I have very little ability to converse in my current state,” he said, forcing my body back against the headboard. “When the very thing I most desire is right before me, even I have very little self-control to resist capturing it.”

Envy. Tell us about the book you wish that’d you written. 

Honestly? Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The simple classic that has withstood time. 

Wrath. Tell us about a trope or cliche that makes you furious.

Weak, helpless heroines. I can’t stand them. We’re strong–all of us. When we’re made to be meek and mild-mannered, I get pissed.

Gluttony. Tell us about a trope you just can’t get enough of.

Paranormal/ supernatural romance- brooding hunks. Steamy, but easy reads. –Stole this from KJ…says it all

Lust. Tell us about a character you’d do unspeakable things to. 

Darcy. OMG…I”d do horrible, no-good, completely adulterated things to you. And I have to say, the hunks I create make me want to as well, but I do it to them without their consent on a daily basis.

Sloth. Tell us about your favourite form of procrastination. 

Friendly chats with my fellow authors…all day, every day.

Greed. Tell us which author’s top of your auto-buy list. 

KJ. Chapman, I’m waiting for her book right now. Pins and needles. As far as others, not too many get me on that wait list. But, I would read anything Kim Harrison writes.

I am tagging Brittany to have a go at this tag.

A fun little number here, and I’m sure that it’ll be an interesting read for those that look into my lovely deadly sins!

Writer’s Remorse (WR)

First edit done, and I’ve sent off a few copies for ARC (advanced readers copies) and hopefully it will all end well and not in poor Brianna’s heartbreak. If I come here crying, you must all console me…I’ll need it!

I was rereading through my book–obviously–and knowing how well-received Awakening has been, I’ve been a bit worried with how far I strayed with Lilly. I have a little bit of what I like to call WR…or, Writer’s Remorse. It happens once and a while when I write a new character…and was in desperate love with my last.

You write a character or characters that you just can’t seem to let go? That’s WR. Granted, I’ll be able to get back to Izzy and Lucas soon, but I felt like I’ve been betraying them this whole time. I sort of was like this all day…


I’m sorry I betrayed you…I did…I betrayed my first real published characters…I’m a monster.

But then I reread the love scene in my upcoming Victor book…


AND! Instant forgiveness. Sorry Lucas and Izzy…but Victor is incredibly hot…and my writer’s remorse has just been cured.


First Comes Love, Then Comes Editing

The first draft of Victor is finished! AND…it’s much shorter than I planned, but that’s what editing is for! Besides, while this is meant as a stand-alone, the book also serves to add depth and another side to what you see in Izzy and Lucas’ story following the second book.

Therefore! I was able to write with ease, and a little bit of magic–pun fully intended. I managed it the day before I start college after being nine years absent from it! It’s definitely one of the ooh-ahh moments for me. Editing is tedious, but you basically get to see what crap you wrote and if it’s any good. Hopefully, mine will be, or I might just cry. A lot. Tears and tears of hopeless disappointment.

Still, I managed it in two weeks. I wrote a full novel in two weeks. Boo-yeah.


Okay, gloating is over. I’m getting ready to start the first read through, so wish me luck!



Three Things Sex

So as I sit here, finished with my last steamy scene for my second book–in desperate need of a cigarette, even though I don’t smoke–I was thinking about the importance of writing hot, sexy, completely captivating sex scenes.

The romance genre requires a good sex scene, just on principle. Let’s face it, when you read romance, and are like me, you are just biding your time until the two characters do the huffy-puffy.

In my experience, writing sex scenes requires an insight to what you’re trying to accomplish during the scene. What are you writing for? What emotions are garnered in this scene? What pinnacle point in the main characters’ relationship is this scene taking place?

Since my main novels aren’t erotica, they don’t require me to do much more than add depth to the relationship my two characters have. But sometimes I forget this while I’m writing. Sometimes I just want to get dirty and write it that way. Sometimes I forget that, like everything in the novel, the sex scene serves a purpose–an overall element to your book that can’t be accomplished in any other way but through the physical interaction of your main characters.

So in my experience, I’ve identified three things that are important: timing, 360-cover, and realism.

Personally, these may not be high on other authors’ priorities, but when I’m reading and writing, these are what I find the most important elements.

Timing, mostly because having sex either at the beginning or very end of the book can change the overall feel of what you might be going for. Generally, I let my characters and their relationship guide me. But as a rule, I never have early-on sex scenes.

360-cover, as pertaining to getting a grasp on what is going on all around and not focusing on one main element. This is especially hard to accomplish in first-person writing, but I find that panning in on the other character’s movements, emotions, and body language can aide in this.

Realism, the most important I feel of the three. Completely over-romanticized sex scenes lack this–and for me are a total dud. Elements of realistic sex between the characters can make it feel more “real” to the reader. Of course, this is my opinion and may vary between readers, like with everything in this world.

So, as I continue venturing into this world of romance writing, I find that the sex scenes are the most fun and most thought-provoking, frustrating, and entirely consuming scenes to write for the mere fact that a good sex scene can make a book, and a bad one can break it.